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the wrong kind of narrative

The Ecologist recently featured an interesting piece by Vanessa Spedding. It was inspired by dismal BBC coverage of climate change issues which habitually reverts to questions of whether it is ‘true’ or ‘real’ and uses opinionated non-experts as default commentators. … Continue reading

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science says so

Neuroscience has quickly gained traction in the organisational world, perhaps not surprisingly as so many neuro-studies appear to offer clear and incontrovertible findings – such things are prized in the field. The house magazine of the Chartered Institute for Personnel … Continue reading

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jargon and meaning

A recent interview with ex-army MP Rory Stewart included a sharp critique of strategic jargon. Looking back 10 years, his priorities for state-building in Afghanistan included things like rule of law, and financial and civil administration. “And, then you would … Continue reading

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I have been theoretically curious about the growth of ‘behavioural economics’ – the science of how desired behaviours can be encouraged and rewarded in large populations – and I can sympathise with some of the more public-spirited aims of its … Continue reading

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Over the past year or so, I have noticed a shift in the kinds of work which organisational consulting colleagues are engaging with, a change which may perhaps be connected with the current popularity of 1-1 and small group coaching. … Continue reading

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